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How your iPhone can be hacked in 6 minutes

Apple users beware! There is a huge risk after new hacking programs were uncovered that can break your passcode and gain access to your...
Happening Now April 19, 2018

My 7 favorite iPhone tricks you'll use time after time

Have you ever looked at your iPhone or iPad user guide? I mean, read through all 100-plus pages of it? Chances are, like most...
Tips April 11, 2018

5 things you need to know about Apple's new iPad

After much anticipation, Apple on Tuesday finally unveiled what it has in store with its new iPad. The iPad is one of the most...
Happening Now March 28, 2018

New Apple essential update gives you some great features

Today, Apple will hold its "Let's Take a Field Trip" event at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. It's expected to be a...
Happening Now March 26, 2018

Get certified refurbished electronics on the cheap

Have you been paying attention to how expensive new tech is now? A new computer or laptop can easily cost you over $1,000. Whether...
Cool Sites March 25, 2018

New iPad Pro is coming next week, here’s what you need to know

It's coming! The newest version of the iPad Pro will be here next week, and with its arrival, we will finally start to turn...
Happening Now March 22, 2018

Turn your tablet into a second monitor

Do you remember that old expression, "If I could only be in two places at once?" That concept has taken hold around the country,...
Downloads March 8, 2018

Don't buy a MacBook or iPad until next month

Your tax return is looking good and you have a need for a new MacBook or iPad, so it makes sense to start looking...
Happening Now March 6, 2018

Tricky Apple scam is targeting victims with fake emails

Criminals will find every way possible to try and trick people, and though we'd like to think it will never happen to us, they...
Happening Now March 1, 2018

Download this iOS update NOW: Apple fixes bugs

Most people say that once they become an Apple user they would never go back to another platform. One reason users are so loyal...
Happening Now February 20, 2018

Hidden iPhone features that could save your life

Since smartphones keep us connected almost all the time, they can also be critical safety and distress signal tools in emergencies and times of...
Tips February 12, 2018

If you receive this link, DON'T open it: Scary "text bomb" will cause your device to crash

We're always warning you about the latest activity from cybercriminals. That's because it's important to know what new attacks look like and how to...
Happening Now January 17, 2018

Apple confirms iPhones and iPads are impacted by massive chip flaws, but has a fix for you

Every computer in the world has been affected by the massive chip security flaws and now you can add iPhones and iPads to the...
Happening Now January 5, 2018

Apple releasing new iPad next year here are the specs and features

Sales are down so Apple’s looking to take the iPad to a whole new level. A new design and updated features may just make...
Happening Now December 11, 2017

New way to instantly send money to friends that makes writing checks now dead

Apple is taking on Venmo and PayPal with its newest feature, Apple Pay Cash. It makes sending money to someone easier than ever.
Happening Now December 7, 2017

If you have an iPhone you need this fix to a bizarre issue

Most Apple users are pretty hardcore when it comes to brand loyalty. Many of them believe that the tech giant's products are superior in...
Happening Now December 4, 2017

New iOS 11 HEIF photos replaces JPGs with gotchas

Taking photos with your iPhone or iPad is so convenient nowadays. But you probably don’t give much thought to the technical secrets behind taking...
Tips November 1, 2017

iPad owners need to know this insider trick

When Apple delivered its new iOS 11 operating system in September, we received a bounty of new features, including improved ways to handle notifications,...
Tips October 18, 2017

Ransomware targeting Apple users, do this NOW

Apple users have been upset as of late because of a weird issue that's preventing them from using their Mac and iOS devices. The...
Tips October 11, 2017

7 clever tricks that make your iPhone or iPad easier to use

I've created this list of tips and tricks to help you make using your iPad or iPhone easier than it already is. Whether it's...
Tips October 2, 2017
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