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Don't buy an iPad or Mac until October 31

Apple's iPad is many people's favorite device. They read the paper, chat with their friends, stream movies and TV and so much more. We...
Happening Now October 20, 2018

10 things you can do in iOS 12 that you couldn't before

This new iPhone update has a ton of new features, and some of them are very useful and could possibly change the way you...
Tips October 1, 2018

One change in iOS 12 will really frustrate you

Not every change is being met with applause. In fact, one part of the update has left many people confused and even frustrated.
Happening Now September 19, 2018

iOS 12 update: New features you can’t afford to miss

Now that three new iPhones for 2018 have been unveiled, we finally know what kind of upgrades and improvements are pegged for Apple's next-generation...
Happening Now September 17, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Why Apple is pulling out all the stops tomorrow

Remember those days when an Apple unveiling would be an event that shook the world? Those days seem long gone, don't they? Hang on, because...
Columns September 11, 2018

Apple event: Rumors leaked and what to expect

The big day is almost here! On Wednesday, September 12, Apple will finally reveal this year's highly anticipated new iPhones and a slew of...
Happening Now September 11, 2018

3 iPhone features that really matter to Apple users

Depending on what you are a fan of or maybe even what you need, no doubt some reveals will excite you more than others....
Happening Now September 4, 2018

Groundbreaking tablet rolls up like a scroll

There have been plenty of amazing new gadgets to hit the market over the last few decades. Everyone loves their smartphone, and how about...
Happening Now September 1, 2018

We finally know when Apple will unveil its new iPhones, other gadgets

We knew Apple was going to release some new gadgets, including iPhones, but we did not quite know when that would be. Now we...
Happening Now August 30, 2018

Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth vs. USB tethering: Which is best for you?

You have your laptop open and ready. You need to answer some emails or complete a work assignment, but there’s no Wi-Fi in sight....
Tips August 11, 2018
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