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Turn off preview on your iPhone so people won't see your messages

Privacy and security are top of mind for many of us nowadays. With hacks and scams happening constantly, sometimes we might not consider some...
Tips December 3, 2018

5 tweaks only the Apple pros know

If you have had an Apple device for a while, you might know some settings or tricks that maybe a few of your friends...
Tips November 12, 2018

5 new products Apple announced today, #4 is really something

The day has finally come when we all get to see what Apple has in store for us when it comes to their new...
Happening Now October 30, 2018

iOS 12 security settings you need to change right now

With all the security features in iOS 12, there's no reason to have an unsecured phone. Here are some of the most important settings...
Tips October 15, 2018

iPhones can easily be turned into a bodycam to record police

It is generally used for things like saving photos, sharing songs or performing other routine things which, while helpful, does not make the app...
Happening Now October 7, 2018

Hacker can get past iPhone passcode, see your files

A step-by-step guide on how to fix a major bug within the new iOS 12 that could allow you to be hacked.
Happening Now October 4, 2018

10 things you can do in iOS 12 that you couldn't before

This new iPhone update has a ton of new features, and some of them are very useful and could possibly change the way you...
Tips October 1, 2018

Mojave, the newest Mac OS, is here, and these are its best features

It wasn't long ago when Apple stole the tech world's headlines with its release of new devices. Along with updated iPhones, Apple Watches and...
Happening Now September 25, 2018

New 2018 iPhones compared

Apple's three new iPhones -- the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR -- are all mostly an upgrade from the...
Charts September 19, 2018

iOS 12 update: New features you can’t afford to miss

Now that three new iPhones for 2018 have been unveiled, we finally know what kind of upgrades and improvements are pegged for Apple's next-generation...
Happening Now September 17, 2018
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