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Hidden ways to save money at hotels

Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars on a hotel room, only to feel that you were ripped off? That feeling can ruin your...
Tips March 21, 2017

Get faster Web speeds in your hotel room

Tired of bad hotel Wi-Fi? Now you can make sure your getting the best bang for your buck.
Happening Now June 1, 2016

Top Story: A major U.S. hotel chain hit by another data breach

Hotel chains have been the target of several data breaches this year, and it looks like it's happened again. This latest breach at a...
Happening Now April 5, 2016

Watch out for hotel booking scams

If you like to travel as much as we do, you know how much fun it is to rack up rewards points from your...
Happening Now September 27, 2015

Hotels hit back at discount travel sites

If you travel for business or for fun, you've used online sites like Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz to book hotels. For you, that's convenient,...
Happening Now September 1, 2015

Big breach at hotel chain, again!

If you've stayed in a Marriott hotel recently, then your personal data might have been stolen. The affected hotels are managed by the White...
Happening Now February 4, 2015

Feds crack down on hotels blocking your Wi-Fi hotspots

If you bring a personal Wi-Fi hotspot with you on your travels, then some hotels may have already tried to block your connection. Some...
Happening Now January 29, 2015

A worldwide hotel chain cheated to boost Wi-Fi fees

These days it's almost impossible to go anywhere and not see people on their smartphones. These smarter, faster and stronger phones are also more...
Happening Now October 6, 2014

You have to see the hotel's apology after charging for negative reviews

The hotel owner charging $500 for bad reviews has changed his tune. See his apology.
Happening Now August 9, 2014

Hackers can control an entire hotel with nothing but the built-in iPad

The St. Regis, a five-star Chinese hotel controlled mostly by digital "butlers," was infiltrated by a hacker in only two days. Jesus Molina, a...
Happening Now August 9, 2014