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Computer maker fights back: Shellshock patch protects against 'worst computer bug ever'

A new virus was discovered last week that many were calling "worse than Heartbleed" for Mac machines. Today, Apple released a patch.
Happening Now September 30, 2014

Chinese hackers used Heartbleed to steal 4.5 million medical records

Heartbleed's name isn't the only thing about it that's catchy. The devastating security flaw in Web Secure Socket Layers has stuck in my mind...
Happening Now August 20, 2014

Heartbleed wins big at the Pwnies

The Black Hat Convention in Las Vegas is a chance for the best good-guy hackers in the world to get together and laugh at...
Happening Now August 8, 2014

Heartbleed lives on in industrial manufacturing computers

The dangerous Heartbleed bug hasn't been squashed quite yet. If you aren't familiar with my instructions forĀ protecting your computer against Heartbleed, you can take...
Happening Now July 19, 2014

Heartbleed: Half of affected servers are still wide-open

Heartbleed is the bug that just won't go away. The bug put a million Web servers at risk two months ago. Millions of people...
Happening Now June 23, 2014

Heartbleed II: This security hole has been wide open for 16 years

What made the Heartbleed security bug so dangerous? Heartbleed affected OpenSSL, the most widely-used encryption system on the Web. Because OpenSSL is used in...
Happening Now June 6, 2014

The next Heartbleed is here - Linux users beware!

Heartbleed was the worst security bug in the history of the World Wide Web. Even two months later, hundreds of thousands of sites could...
Happening Now June 4, 2014

New Heartbleed attacks routers and Android phones, tablets and gadgets

I told you Heartbleed wasn't done yet. Now, a cousin of the widespread Heartbleed bug is attacking Android phones, tablets and other gadgets by...
Happening Now May 30, 2014

Heartbleed, one month later: 300,000 servers still wide-open

It's been one month since Heartbleed was found - and we're still not safe. Cybersecurity blog Errata Security scanned a portion of the Internet...
Happening Now May 9, 2014

New polls: Most people ignored Heartbleed

Buckle up. The Heartbleed saga isn't over just yet. Confused about what the Heartbleed bug is? Click here for all the details surrounding one...
Happening Now April 30, 2014
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