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Google Maps adds new feature you're going to love

What comes to mind when you think of Google Maps? Many people would say it's simply a navigation tool, and they would be wrong....
Happening Now July 20, 2018

Supreme Court scores a big privacy win for us all

The U.S. Supreme Court won big for digital privacy on Friday when the Justices voted 5-4 in favor of requiring the police to secure...
Happening Now June 26, 2018

Yikes! The Google tracking feature you didn't know you switched on

Does it feel like your smartphone is tracking you every second of the day? Google knows where you've been before, wonder how that happened?...
Happening Now October 9, 2017

3 Google Maps features you never knew existed

Nearly 1 billion people use Google Maps each month. It gives you directions, but did you know it can help you plan weekend trips,...
Apps August 24, 2017

Top advantages of using phone tracking apps

I'm constantly warning you about your cellphone's ability to track you. In most cases, it's not something you want to happen. But in certain...
Tips April 5, 2017

Fast, free and simple way to share your GPS location

How often do you hear the question, where are you? When you're in a new and unfamiliar place, trying to describe your location and...
Apps January 25, 2017

5 tech things you are wasting money on

If you want to fully participate in the 21st century, you're going to need a smartphone, computer, tablet and access to the internet. Plain...
Tips January 14, 2017

Privacy and security flaws in devices that track your location

GPS helps us find things that are lost, such as where we parked our car, dropped our keys or left our cellphone. But when...
Happening Now October 26, 2016

GPS can be dangerously unreliable government warns

The FAA has issued a warning to pilots: Your GPS might be "unreliable" over the next couple of weeks. Keep reading for more information.
Happening Now June 11, 2016

Never get lost with these crazy-cool shoes

These comfortable, stylish new shoes will make your vacation more fun and prevent you from getting lost.
Happening Now May 22, 2016

Woman follows GPS right into lake

Apps like Google Maps and Waze have made it easier to get around, but sometimes they point us in the wrong direction. This driver...
Happening Now May 21, 2016

Track or wipe your lost or stolen gadget

Your smartphone or tablet can be lost or stolen at any time. Plan ahead with this powerful tracker.
Apps February 8, 2016

Avoid waiting around for your bus or train, plus get better directions

Get real-time directions as you walk, bike, take a bus or train, in 800 cities around the world.
Apps February 2, 2016

This one house is at the center of a GPS phone tracking mystery

If you've ever lost your cellphone, you know panic quickly sets in. Or, at least, it used to. These days, you can find your...
Happening Now January 26, 2016

Bing shows real-time traffic cameras

You probably remember those commercials from a few years back, where Bing tried to convince consumers how great it is. The commercials featured blind...
Happening Now November 27, 2015

Google uses your GPS data to show when Black Friday lines will be longest

Let's face it, camping outside of stores for days at a time isn't really practical. It might be fun to do once or twice...
Happening Now November 24, 2015

One essential car gadget you need now

Dash cams with collision warning systems are must-have devices to keep your family safe.
Tips October 1, 2015

All GPS gadgets need this voice-changing safety feature

If you have ever stopped in your tracks when you heard a child crying, you're not alone. Of course, it's human nature to turn...
Happening Now August 23, 2015

Your calls and GPS location can be hijacked thanks to a critical system flaw

This time, the serious security flaw isn't in your phone's operating system, it's in the very system our phones use to communicate with each...
Happening Now August 17, 2015

This new dashboard counts down green lights

If you ever speed through green lights that suddenly turn red, you might want to know about a device mounted to your car's console...
Happening Now August 9, 2015
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