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New innovative app shows your Facebook, Google and Twitter privacy gotchas

We're so deeply plugged into social media these days that untangling ourselves from these services seems like more trouble than doing nothing. With tech...
Apps April 11, 2019

Kim's Take: Google shuts down Google Plus

In a hurry? Tap or click to listen to this story in less than a minute! The great shutdown of Google Plus, the company’s...
Columns April 3, 2019

Google+ to shut down sooner after new data leak impacts more than 50 million users

Google+ was Google's attempt to jump onto the social-media bandwagon and create its own Facebook-like platform. Well, after a number of years of abysmal...
Happening Now December 11, 2018

Kim's Opinion: The real reason Google is letting you delete what you search

We all know that Google tracks pretty much everything we do online, and especially what we search for. But, they seem to have changed...
Columns October 25, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Google 500K data breach

Facebook and Google just can not seem to keep our data private, as Google has been caught yet again in a massive data breach.
Columns October 9, 2018

Supremacists, extremists gather at Google+ after other social media kick them out

You had to figure the more attention platforms like Facebook and Twitter got for allowing hate-speech, the quicker they would act to try and...
Happening Now June 19, 2018