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You won't believe Apple's smart glasses that are coming soon

Google Glass was the first attempt at wearable smart glasses, and it failed in an epic fashion. It seems that Apple thinks they can...
Happening Now March 12, 2019

New tech helps kids with autism

I'm sure that you know Google is one of the leading tech companies in the world. The company sprung onto the scene nearly 20...
Happening Now August 4, 2018

Google Glass helping kids with autism see emotions

Individuals with autism often have trouble socializing, but Google Glass is aiming to change that. I’ll explain how this revolutionary technology could transform the...
Happening Now June 25, 2016

Google wipes Glass from the Internet

Dubbed by Komando.com as one of the biggest tech fails of 2014, Google Glass has finally been completely wiped from the Internet. The project...
Happening Now January 28, 2016

Garmin built a Google Glass just for cyclists

When it comes to wearable technology, you've embraced fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone. You may have a smartwatch like Apple Watch, or maybe...
Happening Now January 9, 2016

New, redesigned Google Glass is here

If the tech boom of 2015 is wearable tech, you can thank the likes of Apple Watch and Fitbit and Jawbone trackers for that....
Happening Now December 29, 2015

This is what the new Google Glass could look like

If you were one of the very few people who tried out Google Glass, you may be excited to know the search engine giant...
Happening Now November 30, 2015

Google wants to save your memories in the cloud

Google just applied for a patent for an add-on to its Google Glass product that would record events and file them away under different...
Happening Now July 26, 2015

This amazing feature would make Google Glass totally worth it

Have you ever held you fingers up to frame an imaginary picture? Well now Google is using the idea behind that hand gesture to...
Happening Now July 10, 2015

Instantly get custom dance moves for almost ANY song

You could instantly learn to dance with this cool gadget.
Happening Now March 27, 2015
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