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Verizon brings super-fast 5G service to 11 new cities

This is exciting! Verizon customers in these 11 cities are about to get super-charged internet. The race is on against cable companies to bring...
Happening Now February 25, 2017

Google's home phone service is just $10!

Google has an amazing new in-home phone service for just $10 a month. But it's only for some Google customers. Find out if you're...
Happening Now April 2, 2016

Updated: 38 cities are getting fiber Internet

(Update - 12/9/2015) Today, Google Fiber announce it will be adding two of its largest cities yet—Los Angeles and Chicago. This is a big...
Happening Now December 8, 2015

Google Fiber is coming to three more cities!

No matter where you live in this country, you probably only have two choices for your Internet service provider, and neither of them are...
Happening Now September 11, 2015

Your town could have super-fast (super-expensive) Internet in 2-3 years

Are you waiting for Google Fiber to finally bring lightning-fast gigabit Internet to your town? You might have to wait awhile. Google is expanding...
Happening Now August 25, 2015

Another city lands Google's superfast, supercheap Internet

Internet is broken in this country, and it's all thanks to a lack of competition. We know that the free market works when there's...
Happening Now August 8, 2015

Amazing new superfast Internet at no extra cost

Customers in this city are getting an Internet speed boost for free.
Happening Now April 13, 2015

One city will have Internet speeds twice as fast as Google Fiber

One major ISP is going offer speeds even faster than Google Fiber.
Happening Now April 3, 2015

Google's ultra-fast Fiber is coming soon to FOUR cities

Google is expanding its super fast Google Fiber Internet service into four more cities.
Happening Now January 28, 2015

Google wants to bring cheap Wi-Fi to the world

Google's steady-as-she-blows takeover of most of the tech world has come to a full halt. The holdup this time, though, is federal regulations limiting...
Happening Now January 8, 2015
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