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Why you may get a text from a strangely familiar number

Texting strangers who have almost your exact phone number is the new viral hit. If your phone number ends with a two you text...
Happening Now August 12, 2019

Design your dream home in 3D (for free)

Turn your ideas into 3D reality with this free online home design tool. Build or decorate your home, apartment or, heck, create a virtual...
Cool Sites June 26, 2019

Celebrity mashup photos go viral. Can you guess who's who?

How well do you know your favorite celebrities? Could you pick them out of a crowd of people? A popular Instagram user is taking...
Happening Now April 10, 2019

You'll be blown away by this stunning map of the wind

You'll love this stunning map of the wind. It's both informative and relaxing.
Cool Sites August 20, 2018

Learn to play guitar from the pros

The advancement of smartphones and tablets has made it easier to manage our day, find a quick source of entertainment, track our health and...
Apps August 16, 2018

7 fun Christmas things to do with Alexa

How do you use Alexa? Maybe you ask Alexa to play your favorite songs. You may ask Alexa to help out around the house....
Tips December 15, 2017

Kim’s Helpful Tips - Have more fun on Facebook

Facebook boasts over 2 billion users and you're probably one of them. Not only is the social media site a great way to reconnect...
Tips November 12, 2017

True tales from tech support: The funniest 'issues' ever solved

Technology is complicated and can be confusing even for tech-savvy people. While that often leads to frustrating tech support calls, they can also be...
Tips September 25, 2017

Fun trivia and quizzes to keep your mind active

Looking for a way to train your brain? Love trivia? This site lets you build, play and compete in fun and interesting online quizzes....
Cool Sites September 22, 2017

5 amazing football apps you need in your life

It’s one of the best times of the year - football season! Many of you enjoy kicking back in your favorite chair, watching NFL...
Apps September 16, 2017
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