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Best app for listening to your favorite podcasts

If you haven't gotten in on the podcasting phenomenon, what are you waiting for? Podcasts feature great shows on just about any topic you...
Apps March 28, 2019

How to leave a podcast review on iTunes and on Google Play

Every Podcaster -- like America's Digital Goddess! -- loves a user review. Maybe a mystery podcast sent chills up your spine, maybe a history...
Tips October 3, 2018

Find out everything about fantasy football to win your league

Want to get involved in your office's fantasy football league? Don't you dare draft without listening to the "NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast."
Podcasts You'll Love August 23, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Alex Jones, the First Amendment and Big Tech

Let’s tackle some emails that I’ve been getting about Big Tech the First Amendment: The question? Why doesn’t The First Amendment apply to Facebook and YouTube?...
Columns August 10, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Why life’s basic skills are dying

There are things we all used to know how to do. It was part of growing up. But these everyday skills are being phased...
Columns August 6, 2018

Actor digs into being human in 'Armchair Expert'

Many podcasts out there are about how awful people are. More than a few most popular podcasts center on crime or conspiracy or other...
Podcasts You'll Love August 4, 2018

'Why'd You Push That Button' explores our tech choices

In the 21st century, we're still getting used to all the tech around us, and the way it interacts with us immediately and persistently....
Podcasts You'll Love August 2, 2018

Opinion: Summer Travel - How safe is public Wi-Fi

We all like to connect to free Wi-Fi if we can. It saves your data (unless you have unlimited data, then you never need...
Columns July 31, 2018

'Internet History Podcast' tells you how we got here

The internet isn't that old - depending on when you start counting. The U.S. government's project to connect computer networks started in the 1960s,...
Podcasts You'll Love July 30, 2018

'Note to Self' explains the world

Kim Komando loves to give you the information you need right now to navigate your tech world. She's always ready to let you know...
Podcasts You'll Love July 28, 2018
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