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Apple has a serious fraud problem

Apple Pay has a major fraud problem.
Happening Now March 6, 2015

Is your business a victim of online ad fraud?

Find out how much money businesses are losing to online fraud.
Happening Now December 12, 2014

Dating site scammer stole $1.1 million from victims

I've said it before and I'll say it again: You have to be careful online! In a not-so-uncommon case, a Maryland man has been...
Happening Now August 29, 2014

Almost half of all credit cards have been hacked in this country

There were 1,367 confirmed data breaches in 2013 alone. Not to mention that just six months into 2014, we've already seen threats such as Heartbleed and...
Happening Now June 30, 2014

Do NOT try this illegal 'double-your-money' trick on PayPal

You really won't believe the latest scam that has criminals making money hand over fist. PayPal, the sister company of eBay, is all about...
Happening Now June 16, 2014

IRS gave out nearly $4 billion in fraudulent tax returns last year

Fraud eats away at everybody, even the IRS. A government report says the IRS paid off on fraudulent tax returns to the tune of...
Happening Now April 11, 2014

Scammer poses as Prince Harry on Facebook to steal $38,000

A scammer posing as Prince Harry on Facebook scammed an Austrian man out of more than $38,000.
Happening Now March 17, 2014
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