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Hacker steals financial data from online food delivery service - check your accounts

Year to date, billions of records have been exposed in various data breaches. They impact every type of business and organization, from retailers to...
Happening Now June 20, 2019

Popular fast food restaurants targeted in new data breach

If you thought restaurants and eateries were free from the scourge of data breaches -- think again! A new announcement from a popular chain...
Happening Now May 31, 2019

If you ate at this restaurant chain, hackers may already have your credit card information

Point-of-sale systems are notoriously vulnerable when it comes to data hacks or leaks. One restaurant chain is learning that the hard way after hackers...
Happening Now February 5, 2019

Eat at Burger King over last two years? They might owe you money

Ever eat fast food? Well, if you're in the beautifully healthy land of the USA the answer is almost certainly, "of course!" Burger King...
Cool Sites January 7, 2018

Crazy ways food will be delivered in the future

Look! Up in the sky! It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s not Superman. It’s that pizza you ordered for dinner. Technology...
Tips May 1, 2017

Sorry, Facebook. You can't get free McDonald's for life

Free McDonald's for life? Is this Facebook post too good to be true? Yup.
Happening Now February 7, 2016