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Find out if you liked a Facebook page that was operated by Russian trolls

Even two years later, we all remember the 2016 political season. Maybe not for the campaigns or even about the results, but because of...
Happening Now May 13, 2018

Q&A with Kim: Win Big Prizes, iPhone Hacks, Facebook Trackers, and More

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products and all things digital. Sometimes choosing the most interesting...
Columns May 12, 2018

Stop Facebook from labeling you as liberal or conservative

By now we are all pretty well aware that Facebook knows more about us than we ever realized. Thanks to revelations of how the...
Happening Now May 12, 2018

Did Facebook lawyers lie to Congress?

We all remember Mark Zuckerberg's testimony in front of Congress last month. Or, if we do not remember everything he said, we certainly recall...
Happening Now May 7, 2018

Keep Facebook from tracking you on the web

If there is something positive to be gained from the recent Facebook fiasco it is that we now have a better understanding of what...
Downloads May 5, 2018

Did you see this mystery Facebook glitch?

Once a shining star in the social media world, Facebook has hit a rough patch that it is still trying to recover from. Just...
Happening Now May 2, 2018

Fake Mark Zuckerbergs are scamming Facebook users out of cash

In a general sense, it is probably good to be Mark Zuckerberg. Even if his company, Facebook, has been in the news for all...
Happening Now April 29, 2018

New Instagram tool lets you keep a copy of everything you shared on the app

Instagram entered our world in October 2010, and it quickly became one of the go-to apps for people who wanted to share photos. It...
Happening Now April 28, 2018

You won't believe Facebook's secret rules for removing posts

Over time, Facebook transformed from being a place to just post a profile of yourself to a site where you can share thoughts and...
Happening Now April 25, 2018

See what Netflix knows about you

When you think of Netflix, you probably think of all the entertainment it provides. The streaming service brings movies and television shows to our...
Happening Now April 23, 2018

Scam Alert! Do not update this App

The more popular websites and apps become, the bigger targets they are for criminals. Which makes sense if you think about it. Scamming victims...
Happening Now April 20, 2018

Data firm leaks 48 million user profiles it scraped from Facebook, LinkedIn, others

You know how we are all mad at Facebook for their data collection and subsequent less-than-stellar security for it all? Once kind of an...
Happening Now April 19, 2018

Facebook credentials stolen by new malware posing as ‘stress-relieving’ painting program

Given all the news that has surrounded Facebook, it would be understandable if you decided to deactivate or delete your account. Do that and,...
Happening Now April 18, 2018

Whistleblower reveals even MORE sinister ways Facebook snoops and tracks you

And just when you thought it could not get any worse, it did. Mark Zuckerberg's testimony in front of Congress last week likely didn't...
Happening Now April 18, 2018

What this smartphone CAN'T do will surprise you

For a while now, every new cellphone released comes equipped with more technology than the devices that came before it. Remember when all a...
Happening Now April 17, 2018

Shadow profiles: Facebook knows about you, even if you’re not on Facebook

The more we learn about Facebook's reach, the less we seem to like. Sure, we knew that it had photos and other information we've...
Happening Now April 15, 2018

Facebook’s a complete mess, Kim’s thoughts on what’s going on

All eyes were glued on Washington this past week during the two days of hearings with 33-year-old, former boy-wonder Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's CEO. All...
Happening Now April 14, 2018

Post selfies? Shocking data Facebook is stealing from your pics

If someone asked you how much information Facebook gets on you the second you upload a photo, what would you tell them? Probably something...
Happening Now April 12, 2018

Facebook testifies: The questions Mark Zuckerberg couldn't answer

It's probably fair to say Mark Zuckerberg did not particularly enjoy his Tuesday in Washington, D.C. Instead of walking around and seeing the sights,...
Happening Now April 12, 2018

Check your Facebook account NOW: Site launches a tool to reveal if your private data has been compromised in the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook has a new tool for you to check to see if your data was gathered by Cambridge Analytica. The number of people compromised...
Happening Now April 11, 2018


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