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Another Facebook hoax is making the rounds...don't fall for it

Kids trying to have a laugh with prank calls have always been corny but no harm was intended. Pranks and hoaxes still happen to...
Happening Now February 7, 2018

Don't fall for this Facebook hoax

Facebook has become a social media giant since it launched in 2004, making it an easy target for cybercriminals. You might be seeing this...
Happening Now September 26, 2017

New Facebook friend request hoax spreading - Is it a scam?

If you haven't seen this message pop up in your Facebook account, you will. A warning about mysterious friend requests has been spreading around,...
Happening Now July 11, 2017

Don't fall for this Facebook Mother's Day coupon scam

I love saving money, and $50 off sounds like a pretty good deal, especially as I start shopping for Mother's Day. But if you...
Happening Now April 25, 2017

Don't type "Amen" on this viral Facebook post - It's a scam!

Amen. The word seems innocent enough. However, there's a viral scam spreading now that's using this word to fool Facebook users. You may agree...
Happening Now March 11, 2017

Watch out! Scary new Facebook scam spreading now

This scam appeared in my own Facebook feed, and there's an email version that's spreading too. It could be sitting in your inbox or...
Happening Now March 7, 2017

Fake Facebook notice tricks account holders into handing out personal info

This Facebook scam is one that I've seen firsthand. Recently, it showed up in my own News Feed. There's also a similar email spreading...
Happening Now March 5, 2017

Don't type this phrase to find your stalkers on Facebook - It's a shameless hoax!

Have you seen this message pop up in your News Feed yet? People are sharing it left and right, but whatever you do, don't...
Happening Now March 2, 2017

Warning! Look out for this Facebook "YouTube" video scam

Uh oh, there is another Facebook scam making the rounds that you need to watch out for. This one is especially tricky! The seemingly...
Happening Now February 11, 2017

Look out for Facebook wine bottle exchange scams

This scam has already popped up in my News Feed. Have you seen it? I love wine so it caught my attention right away....
Happening Now December 8, 2016

Don't fall for this Facebook 'Secret Sister' scam

The holidays make everyone want to give back, but have you ever stopped to ask who you're actually giving to? If you're tricked by...
Happening Now November 23, 2016

Don't fall for this viral Facebook hoax

Not everything you see online is true. If that were the case, then Elvis would be alive and Bigfoot would be president. But some...
Happening Now October 29, 2016

What’s fake on the internet: election edition

A new hashtag blows up. A narcissistic presidential decree turns out to be fiction. A frightening donation was never actually made. The final weeks...
Happening Now October 23, 2016

Q&A with Kim: Facebook hoaxes, promoting your event on social media, and more

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about all things digital. This week, I'm covering the latest Facebook hoax that's spreading...
Tips October 20, 2016

Don't fall for this Facebook hoax

Is Facebook about to make all your information public? That’s what one viral post would have you believe. The message sounds legit, with its...
Happening Now October 17, 2016

Please don't share this new Facebook hoax

With so many photos and updates popping up on your News Feed, it's hard to tell what's real and what's fake. The latest hoax...
Happening Now September 19, 2016

Facebook users are being fooled by a fake website trick - here's how to spot it

Warning: Be on the look out for Clone Zone. It's a dead give away that a news article going viral on social media is...
Happening Now March 3, 2016

This new Facebook hoax is why you're seeing unicorns in your News Feed

If Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, want you to have their billions of dollars, they won't post that life-changing news on...
Happening Now December 29, 2015

That IKEA 'swastika table' is just another Facebook hoax

You know how people jokingly say, "If it's on the Internet, it's true?" It's funny because everyone gets it. So often we see something,...
Happening Now December 19, 2015

A fake name went viral on Facebook

If you like to eat at Vietnamese restaurants (or Thai restaurants), you've probably come across the name "Phuc." It's not pronounced in English as...
Happening Now December 3, 2015


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