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E-readers and free eBooks

The e-reader is a great way to read tons of books without cluttering up your home. About the same size as a paperback, they...
Charts October 8, 2019

Grab millions of free eBooks for your summer reading

Printed books will never disappear completely, but it's hard to find more convenience than a digital book. You can download as many as you...
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5 Amazon deals on tech you don't want to miss

Even the most savvy Amazon shoppers can miss some of the most amazing deals that the online commerce giant has to offer. The site...
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Publish your own eBook and make money

Need some extra money and have a story to tell? I'll tell you how to publish and sell your own eBook.
Tips September 11, 2018

10 useful ways to repurpose your old cellphone

A smartphone is really just a computer. It’s smaller, of course, and many things are less convenient than a regular desktop. But smartphones have...
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Major update! Get the new Amazon Kindle app now

Have you made the switch from old-fashioned books to eBooks yet? If not, you should really give them a chance; they are so much...
Happening Now October 25, 2017

Free digital eBook librarian

Got a ton of e-books filling up your computer? Easily organize, convert and load them onto your e-reader.
Downloads February 1, 2017

See the sleekest and absolutely coolest eReader ever (get it today!)

Amazon is releasing the sleekest and absolutely coolest eReader ever (get it today!)
Happening Now April 13, 2016

Here's a phone with screens on BOTH sides

What do you think the next generation of smartphone tech will look like? If you're anything like designer of the YotaPhone 2, then you see...
Happening Now January 8, 2015

Today Only: Get a Kindle Paperwhite for $79

The newest way to read has never been cheaper. Amazon is offering refurbished Kindle Paperwhites at a rock-bottom $79. One of my biggest worries...
Happening Now November 10, 2014
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