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Instagram accounts are being hijacked with help of Russian email addresses

Back in the day there was Live Journal, which was followed by MySpace. Facebook soon took over as the go-to social media platform, and...
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Stream all your favorite sports live without cable

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43 Disney apps spying on kids: See the list here

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An easy way to get discount theme park tickets

Don't pay full price when you're on vacation. Use this site to get discounted tickets to popular attractions in Florida.
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This new smartwatch can figure out exactly what you're doing with your hands

If you're not sure why you'd want a smartwatch, Disney may have just come up with a really compelling reason to get one. Disney...
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Disney website linked to kidnapping of young girl

Disney is one of the most-loved companies in the world. Most parents don't think twice about buying a Disney toy or showing a Disney...
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How Disney got this woman's passport denied

Now that Disney owns the Star Wars universe, everyone's favorite villain, Darth Vader, has gone to Disneyland! But one woman in the UK can't. She's...
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Which Disney song is your personal anthem?

Are you looking for a whole new world? Or are you happy with just the bare necessities? We all know and love Disney songs....
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Disney World's new billion-dollar bracelet for guests

Talk about your E Ticket! Walt Disney World is just beginning to roll out an innovative new option for guests: A complex reservation, ticketing...
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