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Do you qualify for 1 year of free cellphone service?

We've been seeing some very big changes from the Big Four wireless service providers. They're all competing for customers and we're reaping the benefits....
Happening Now August 28, 2015

FTC: DirecTV lied to you

The FTC is suing DirecTV because of alleged false advertising.
Happening Now March 13, 2015

Now you don't need DirecTV to get NFL Sunday Ticket

Good news for cord-cutting football fans! NFL Sunday Ticket will be available for Apple gadget users with no satellite subscription needed. There has yet...
Happening Now July 18, 2014

How the NFL could sink the AT&T-DirecTV merger

Yesterday, I told you all about the AT&T and DirecTV merger and how both companies committed to Net Neutrality for three years, despite what the...
Happening Now May 20, 2014

AT&T plans to buy DirecTV - for $50 billion

AT&T wants to go big, and DirecTV is the target. The two are in talks for a $50 billion buyout. DirecTV, the largest satellite...
Happening Now May 13, 2014