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FAQs: 7 answers about the new Komando Community

We continue to see how unsecure social media is for all of us. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - all of them have had major data...
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Kim's Take: Does Facebook think we’re all just a bunch of idiots?

In a hurry? Tap or click to listen to this story in less than a minute! Facebook owns the widely popular Instagram and WhatsApp,...
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Kim's Opinion: Facebook was hacked. Was your data stolen?

It's happened again -- and it probably will keep happening.
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Facebook hack smaller but more damaging than thought - check your account

Facebook is saying that "only" 30 million accounts were actually hacked, and about 14 million of them had information grabbed that was far more...
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Kim's Opinion: Facebook hacked again

Facebook has been hacked once again and this time hackers have stolen 50 million users' login information and can access your account just as...
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The private information we happily give away each day

America’s relationship with big tech defies logic. We blame big tech for the disappearance of our personal privacy. Yet, every day, we think nothing...
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Facebook can still track your deleted account

While we knew we were providing some information about ourselves when we signed up, the scope of what all Facebook knows about us is...
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Why Kim recommends deactivating Facebook

Every now and then a news story comes out that impacts pretty much everybody. Maybe it doesn’t impact some folks in a direct way,...
Tips March 20, 2018