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Watch out! Sneaky adware secretly takes screenshots of your desktop

Keeping cybercriminals from infecting our gadgets feels like a full-time job these days. We're always having to prepare for the next scam so we...
Happening Now June 19, 2018

New sneaky malware records your audio and video and you won't even know you're infected

It's not too difficult getting inside the head of a cybercriminal. That's because the majority of the time their actions are driven by money....
Happening Now June 11, 2018

3 easy ways to stop your gadgets from spying on you

Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched? It's eerie! And if you've been around any of these items lately, there's a...
Tips November 23, 2017

Two-stage spyware attacks triggered by malicious apps

Before you download another app, you have to read this! A dangerous new malware has just been discovered that's infecting tablets and smartphones. If...
Happening Now July 30, 2017

How smart gadgets spy on you

The Internet of Things is coming, and it could put your privacy and security at risk. Here's how.
Tips June 24, 2017

5 smartphone spy apps that could be listening and watching you right now

Spy apps may have been designed so that parents can watch over their kids, but that's not where it stops. These sneaky apps can...
Tips June 5, 2017

Stop doing this one thing to your gadgets - It's a major privacy risk!

It's tempting, I know. But doing this to your smartphones, tablets, computers and even home Wi-Fi network basically advertises your devices to hackers. You...
Happening Now March 20, 2017

How to disable your webcam

Almost everything that we use these days can be connected to the internet. Our televisions, lights, washing machines and even refrigerators can be Internet-of-Things...
Tips February 13, 2017

Find out if someone is spying on you

There's a very easy, free way to find out if you're being spied on online. This simple download can help and you don't even...
Downloads January 17, 2017

Beware of these hi-tech Christmas presents

It's almost Christmas! This weekend, as you unwrap all of your presents, there are some gifts that you should be careful with. These gadgets...
Happening Now December 23, 2016

Leaked! Government can spy on in-flight Wi-Fi

I've warned you about the risks of using public Wi-Fi before, and what I've just learned makes those risks even more serious. If you're...
Happening Now December 11, 2016

Protect your phone from secret spyware

Smartphones have become one of the most important gadgets in our lives. I know that if I ever lost mine, I'd be in trouble!...
Tips December 10, 2016

Don't buy these toys! They may be spying on kids

Everything is getting smarter, including toys. But some of this year's most popular toys are actually dangerous. Are they on your Christmas shopping list?...
Happening Now December 7, 2016

Yahoo’s massive NSA hidden email scan

Things are only getting worse for Yahoo as more details become available about the massive data breach that affected more than 500 million people....
Happening Now October 5, 2016

Is your gadget's microphone spying on you?

I’ve told you about hidden cameras and apps that could be spying on you, but there’s another way hackers could be invading your privacy....
Happening Now June 28, 2016

A site lets creeps search for sleeping babies on vulnerable webcams

Gadgets are getting smarter, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're getting more secure. It's a common misconception consumers have. Oftentimes, we see the...
Happening Now January 27, 2016

Russia may have hacked the Pentagon's Joint Staff

Our government has been hacked. Again. And once again, it's at the highest level. The office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the...
Happening Now August 7, 2015

Extremely sophisticated virus mimics your behavior

There's a new type of malware that cybersecurity pros are calling "Hammertoss." This one is pretty advanced, because it can effectively hide in network...
Happening Now July 29, 2015

NSA wiretapped three French presidents

There's been another leak of top secret documents by the activist website WikiLeaks, and this one could cause some embarrassment for the U.S. government....
Happening Now June 26, 2015

Guess which country is the 'third most aggressive' when it comes to spying on us

You'll never guess which country is spying on the U.S. more than almost any other.
Happening Now March 27, 2015
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