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Canadian government hit by cyberattack

A famous hacking group is back in the news again after hitting the Canadian government in what it's calling a retaliatory measure. Click here...
Happening Now July 27, 2015

Physical hacking attacks are on the rise

There's no security patch or software update that can protect against this kind of hacking. I'm talking about a literal, physical attack on the...
Happening Now July 1, 2015

Hackers take down key Canadian systems

Another government was hacked by cybercriminals. Click here to find out all of the details.
Happening Now June 18, 2015

The White House steps up foreign hacker defense

The White House has taken a major step to fight back against hackers.
Happening Now April 3, 2015

South Korean nuclear reactor blueprints leak after cyberattack

South Korean nuclear power plants are the victims of a cyberattack.
Happening Now December 23, 2014

Craigslist was hit with a major cyberattack. It's a long, weird story

Craigslist was the victim of a very bizarre cyberattack.
Happening Now November 26, 2014

Chinese hackers crack federal employees' top secret personal data

Chinese hackers broke into government servers and gained access to employees' personal information.
Happening Now July 10, 2014

Hackers hit American power grid

A hacker group is going after energy companies across the globe, and the U.S. is a top target.
Happening Now July 1, 2014

Private U.S. cybersecurity firm: Chinese military hacking 'undeniable'

A security company claims to have proof that Chinese hackers are targeting U.S. companies.
Happening Now June 10, 2014

Hacker group promises massive cyberattacks during World Cup

The FIFA World Cup starts next week in Brazil, and it's already facing its fair share of problems. Stadiums were not built fast enough, and...
Happening Now June 5, 2014
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