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How to reduce security risks facing small businesses

When it comes to starting and running a successful small business, it all comes down to the minute details. Making sure you protect the...
Small Business September 26, 2019

New twist on ransomware could cost you big time

Ransomware is one of cybercriminals' favorite tools. They are able to send out thousands or millions of malicious emails at once that can infect...
Happening Now March 21, 2019

Cyberwar: How the U.S. is under attack right now

In today’s quickly changing world, war is no longer defined by bullets, bombs and bloodshed. There isn’t even an enemy you can always identify....
Happening Now March 17, 2019

Hackers with missiles, this might be the reality

One of the things that helps us sleep at night is knowing that in terms of military and defense, the United States really has...
Happening Now October 12, 2018

New Russian cyber threat has U.S Government on alert

No matter what kind of role you believe they played, it's pretty well understood that Russia tried to influence America's 2016 presidential election. How...
Happening Now April 26, 2018

Little “rocket man” is a little hacker man

We've been warning you for quite some time that ransomware attacks are nasty. This, of course, is when cybercriminals encrypt important files on your...
Happening Now December 19, 2017

Hacking groups targeting U.S. power plants

It's common to see stores and hotels breached by hackers. But this is bigger and more frightening than anything we've seen. Security experts are...
Happening Now September 7, 2017

Does the Second Amendment apply to software?

I've told you that the next big war could be found partially in cyberspace with cyberweapons, also known as viruses, spyware, etc. However, the...
Preparedness August 9, 2017

Test shows you how many times your personal info was exposed

Now there's a quick test online that will take a few seconds, but can tell you exactly how many times your personal information has...
Preparedness August 9, 2017

A briefcase-sized weapon that can destroy any computer network

There's a weapon that can fit inside a briefcase and destroy your computer network.
Happening Now July 31, 2017
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