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Find local court information

Need to do a quick background check on someone, or learn about local court cases? You don't have to pay a third-party service to...
Cool Sites May 21, 2019

Major wireless carriers sued for selling location data used by bounty hunters

Just a few months ago, a shocking report detailed how the major wireless carriers in the U.S. would sell your real-time location data to...
Happening Now May 7, 2019

Stop! Hanging up on this robocall will cost you money

By now you have probably been trained to doubt anyone who calls and, seemingly out of nowhere, offers you money. It's a good thing,...
Happening Now May 9, 2018

Facebook's privacy settings won't protect you in court

Do people overshare on Facebook? Sure, but for the most part, while we may be could stand to post a little bit less about...
Happening Now February 15, 2018

Your pacemaker data can be used against you

This story will shock you! You want to be healthy but you also want privacy. Tech may be blurring those lines drastically. One man...
Happening Now July 25, 2017

Check out this dumb Facebook post the 'Boy in the Box' judge made

This judge's Facebook post caused a mistrial.
Happening Now May 1, 2015

Your Facebook Likes are officially protected free speech

Now you're Facebook Likes are protected by the First Amendment.
Happening Now May 1, 2015

Supreme Court will decide whether Facebook death threats are legal

The First Amendment is one of the major cornerstones of American life. Not many days go by where you don't hear the phrase "free speech"...
Happening Now December 2, 2014

Judge hands down ruling on whether you can record the police in your home

A recent court ruling says that you have the right to record police officers in your home.
Happening Now August 12, 2014

Court ruling: Warrantless cellphone tracking is illegal

There's good news on the privacy front! An 11th Circuit U.S. appellate court has ruled that cellphone information, like connected cell tower location and...
Happening Now June 12, 2014