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Play dozens of old arcade games in your browser

Looking for a good place to relive some of the good ol' retro Atari Arcade games? Some of the most iconic titles like Pac-Man,...
Cool Sites December 1, 2017

Fareness is a fun and fast way to find your next travel adventure

If you're looking for the travel destination of your dreams, but you're on a budget, Fareness can help.
Cool Sites September 30, 2015

Find your router's password fast (then change it!)

If you ever forget your router's password, this Cool Site will help you find it. (But then, immediately change it.)
Cool Sites September 28, 2015

Which cars get the best MPG (and how does your car compare)?

If you've ever been irked by how much gasoline your car seems to be gobbling up, you're not alone. With prices hovering around $2.50...
Cool Sites September 27, 2015

Get reviews from book lovers

Book critics are notoriously harsh and, most of the time, absolutely brilliant. Through the brilliance, it's hard to make heads or tails of their opinion...
Cool Sites September 26, 2015


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