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U.S. on "red alert" for hacking attacks

Haunting. That's the word being used to describe this new development. America’s infrastructure is on "red alert" for its national security, but not for...
Preparedness March 3, 2017

Secret UFOs and spies - CIA declassifies 12 million pages of documents!

Ever wonder about the secrets the CIA might be hiding? Well, millions of those secrets have just been made public. Over 12 million documents...
Happening Now January 21, 2017

Leaked! Government can spy on in-flight Wi-Fi

I've warned you about the risks of using public Wi-Fi before, and what I've just learned makes those risks even more serious. If you're...
Happening Now December 11, 2016

The CIA just declassified its real-life X-Files on UFOs

Let's face it. You either believe that aliens from other planets are piloting unidentified flying objects, UFOs, like the ones above that were spotted...
Happening Now January 28, 2016

CIA claims responsibility for UFO sightings

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... the CIA? I don't know if any of you remember it, but you've probably heard about them....
Happening Now December 31, 2014

Read how CIA agents slip through airport security

The next time you're in line at the airport, take a good look at the other people waiting in line. One of them might...
Happening Now December 22, 2014

Snowden: 'There's a smoking gun in there that would be the death of them all'

Everyone knows the name Edward Snowden. The former NSA and CIA operative was accused of terrorism and being a traitor to the United States...
Happening Now August 13, 2014

CIA admits hacking U.S. Senate computers

A CIA investigation has revealed that members of the agency spied on Senate computers.
Happening Now August 1, 2014

How to tell if the government thinks you're a terrorist

If someone reading this is a terrorist, shame on you. I suspect that most of my listeners aren't actually terrorists. What a report leaked...
Happening Now July 27, 2014

Independent review finds NSA spying 'legal and effective'

After years of getting flak for its spying programs - including from me - it seems like the NSA is finally getting some love....
Happening Now July 3, 2014