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Update your Chrome browser now for these new critical security features

So many people consider Chrome to be their browser of choice. It's fast, easy to use and has some of the best extensions out...
Happening Now December 5, 2018

Watch out! Cybercriminals are now targeting your browser extensions

Browser extensions can offer people convenient tools for getting specific tasks done online. From taking screenshots, correcting grammar and spelling, or helping optimize searches,...
Happening Now November 17, 2018

Your Android phone has pop-ups! Is it infected?

You’re browsing the internet on your Android phone. You’re probably using the Chrome app. Everything seems normal until a pop-up invades your screen. Maybe...
Tips November 6, 2018

Private messages stolen from 81,000 Facebook accounts are up for sale

Posting on the public Facebook feed is one thing, but when you write a private message, you expect it to be just that: private!...
Happening Now November 4, 2018

Kim's Opinion: The real reason Google is letting you delete what you search

We all know that Google tracks pretty much everything we do online, and especially what we search for. But, they seem to have changed...
Columns October 25, 2018

Google is forcing you to sign into Chrome - here's how to stop it

If you are one of the millions who use Google's Chrome browser, you're probably noticing some subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes to your browsing experience....
Happening Now September 25, 2018

Save money using these Chrome plugins

Save money on all of your online purchases with these easy-to-use applications for Google Chrome.
Tips September 19, 2018

Even more App Store apps discovered stealing your browsing history

Last week we wrote about how it was discovered that one of the most popular apps in the Apple Store was, along with doing...
Happening Now September 10, 2018

A big change in Chrome 69 can put you at risk

To celebrate Chrome's 10th birthday, Google just released version 69 for desktops, Android and iOS. This update introduces a bunch of new features including...
Happening Now September 10, 2018

Top app in Apple Store steals your browser history and sends it to China

When it comes to computers and devices, we generally trust Apple, right? We believe that not only will their products be of a high...
Happening Now September 8, 2018
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