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3 ways to score big holiday discounts online

It's never too early to prepare. Yep, I'm talking about holiday shopping. Our goal this year should be to try and be ready for...
Columns December 7, 2017

Kim's Deals of the Day - Dec. 1, 2017

It's the giving season, and you are no doubt on the lookout for some great deals this winter. Don't worry, we have got you...
Happening Now December 1, 2017

My prediction for this year’s hottest Christmas gifts

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I know, I know - Have you started Christmas shopping, yet? Whether you're a seasoned pro when it...
Tips November 10, 2017

3 sure-fire ways to save big money online shopping this holiday season

It's never too early to prepare. Yep, I'm talking about Christmas shopping. Our goal this year should be to try and get ready for...
Tips November 4, 2017

Apple starts free next-day deliveries just in time for Christmas

Whew! This is a relief! If you've procrastinated your Christmas shopping, there's still time to get people something they'll love and have it shipped...
Happening Now December 20, 2016

It's Cyber Monday! Here are the best deals you can buy

Cyber Monday is in full force! If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet, you're missing out. I've hunted down the best deals on...
Happening Now November 28, 2016

Google can show you how busy stores are for Black Friday

Retailers across the country are opening today to start their Black Friday deals. But wouldn't it be nice if you could see which stores...
Happening Now November 24, 2016

3 hard-to-find gadgets for the holidays

Everyone wants these top-selling gadgets, but retailers are struggling to keep up with the demand. If these items are on your shopping list this...
Happening Now November 20, 2016

What to buy (and not to buy) in November

The holiday shopping season is finally here. Are you ready? Over the next two months, shoppers will be looking to find the best deals...
Tips November 5, 2016

Best days to get the best deals this Christmas

It's that time of year again. Retailers are setting up window displays and freshening up web pages, all to get ready for the holiday...
Happening Now October 29, 2016


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