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Q&A with Kim: Testing firewalls, renting rooms for cash and more

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How to find out if your car has a safety recall

Last year was a big one for car recalls in the United States. Automakers recalled a record 53.2 million vehicles in 2016. These recalls...
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1 million cars recalled due to fire risk!

A worldwide recall has just been issued on a million vehicles because they're a major fire hazard! Over 50 fires have already been reported,...
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Warning! 350,000 vehicles recalled for dangerous brake issue

Losing control of your car is very scary! If you're driving one of these cars you're taking that risk. This brake issue could cause...
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Top Story: Ford recalls 1.9 million vehicles - Find out if you're on the list

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Ford recalls 280,000+ vehicles - Is yours on the list?

With this huge Ford recall, you need to get a good look at the pictures of these vehicles. Plus, find out what you need...
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48,000 vehicles recalled - find out if your car is on the list

Ford is recalling more than 4,800 vehicles in three separate recalls. Is your car affected? Check the list and see.
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