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Kim's Take: A frightening hack of a home security system

Imagine you’re watching TV. Suddenly, you hear a loud squawking alert in your home warning that North Korea has just launched ballistic missiles and is attacking...
Columns January 23, 2019

Keep your home safe this winter

Winter months can bring some serious challenges for homeowners. Icy driveways and walkways, and frozen pipes and power lines can cause a lot of...
Tips December 30, 2018

5 clever ways to use phone’s camera like a DSLR

Cameras used to be bulky, expensive pieces of equipment. If we wanted to get good-quality pictures out of them, we had to not only...
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This new Apple Watch feature could be a game-changer

The Apple Watch is one of the coolest new gadgets to have come out within the last few years. It can check your heart...
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10 useful smart gadgets under $50

You might think that this whole 'smart house' craze might be something you can't afford, but as this tech advances, it is becoming more...
Happening Now October 12, 2018

Mojave, the newest Mac OS, is here, and these are its best features

It wasn't long ago when Apple stole the tech world's headlines with its release of new devices. Along with updated iPhones, Apple Watches and...
Happening Now September 25, 2018

Amazon's app can ID items using your device's camera

Have you ever needed to find more of a random part, like a washer, bolt or screw, but had no idea where to find...
Happening Now July 24, 2018

Must-have app for serious photographers

Even the best photographers would admit that some editing goes into their prized shots. When thinking about that, our minds usually turn to expensive...
Apps July 5, 2018

5 free tutorials to use your iPhone camera better

As technology has improved, so too has the cameras, where now the pictures you take on a phone are often good enough to be...
Tips July 2, 2018

Take perfect Fourth of July pictures

Independence Day is a great time to break out the camera. Here's how to take the best fireworks shots.
Tips June 26, 2018
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