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We found a free app that provides stress relief and encourages creativity. It's perfect for the whole family and, it has a biblical theme....
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One faith-based app you don't want to be without

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Improve your understanding of the Bible with support materials and sermons

If you regularly read the Bible, you know its messages help shape the person you are. Reading the Bible gives you guidance and comfort,...
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Daily dose of spirituality

Spirituality can play an important role in every aspect of life. Especially in today's hectic times, when you're trying to raise a family. This...
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Watch out for malware in Bible apps, of all places

If you regularly read the Bible, you do that for comfort. Those sacred words are a reprieve from the world; a moment to quietly...
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High-tech Bible Instagram app brings scripture to life

Have you ever been staring a spectacular nature sceneĀ and had a Bible verse pop in your head? Maybe it's happened when you look at...
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Some guy wants $25,000 to translate the Bible into emojis

This Kickstarter campaign aims to create the Bible like you've never seen it before.
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This new Bible is blowing up the Internet. You have to see why

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You won't believe what a U.S. Ambassador used to swear into office

I'm sure you've heard about the fight amongst book-lovers about whether to upgrade to an e-reader or to stick with a more traditional paperback...
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