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Watch out for the cellphone porting scam

The battle against cybercriminals is always evolving. That's because when we catch on to their scams they change them up to find more victims....
Happening Now February 19, 2018

Dog scams are spreading online, don't fall for it

Keeping your sensitive information protected is more difficult than ever. That's because cybercriminals are ruthless and set no limits on who they target. Now,...
Happening Now September 28, 2017

FCC issues warning against the "Can You Hear Me" phone scam

Recently, I told you about a phone scam that's been making the rounds. Now, the FCC has released a warning that this scam is...
Happening Now March 28, 2017

Don't listen to Snopes - The "yes" phone scam is real, I've received the call

Last week I warned you about a phone scam that's been making the rounds, but you might have seen something different on a site...
Happening Now February 9, 2017


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