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Creating a shared photo repository is a snap

It's easy to take for granted all of the photos being captured at any family celebration, now that nearly everyone has a digital camera...
Tips July 23, 2018

Is your phone secretly WATCHING you? New evidence says yes

Is your smartphone listening to your conversations? As we reported earlier, third-party apps may be taking advantage of voice triggers or wake words that...
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Top 5 cyberthreats of 2018 and how to prepare for them

Security experts around the world agree: 2017 was a terrible year for cybercrimes. You may have been a victim of an unprecedented number of...
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What Android data is automatically backed up

For the most part, Android devices back up a lot of important information on their own, so there is nothing to worry about there....
Tips January 1, 2018

10 ways to be more secure online

Each time you go online, your information and privacy are at risk. Hackers are seeking to take over your email account, expose your credentials,...
Tips December 23, 2017

Sponsored: How to back up all your digital devices

Like most people nowadays, you probably juggle multiple gadgets on a regular basis. You access important files on your office computer or laptop, take...
Tips December 13, 2017

Sponsored: Huge mistake people make when they get a new phone

The holiday shopping season is upon us and you know what that means - great smartphone deals are coming your way! But before you...
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Sponsored: 3 reasons why you should use IDrive for your cloud backup

Whether you are a business owner with years of client records or an individual with a work portfolio that keeps you employed, chances are,...
Tips November 1, 2017

Sponsored: Carbonite vs. IDrive, what’s the difference?

After a very long and successful run with Carbonite, the company has changed its focus and is now moving into the business enterprise space....
Tips October 10, 2017

Sponsored: Three things you probably didn't know about your backup service

Gadget disasters can strike anytime. We sometimes take for granted how our computers, tablets and phones seem to work all the time - until...
Tips October 4, 2017


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