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5 essential tech options for your new car

Cars are now more sophisticated than ever: Bluetooth, rear-view cameras, and zoned temperature controls are standard features in 2018 models. As automotive technology continually...
Columns June 30, 2018

Digital license plates are coming packed with a ton of tracking sensors

Car technology has grown by leaps and bounds recently. If you have a newer model car, you'll at least have some of the modern tech...
Happening Now April 11, 2018

How to protect your car from a wireless fob relay attack

You've locked your car, but it's not as safe as you think. Thieves have found a way to use cheap equipment to steal your...
Happening Now December 3, 2017

Unpatchable flaw in modern cars leaves MILLIONS at risk of hacks

How old is your car? If it was manufactured after 1993, you could be in serious danger. A flaw was recently discovered that allows...
Happening Now August 26, 2017

Rent one of a kind collector's vehicles - Here's how!

Have you ever dreamed of driving a Ferrari, or even a classic 1969 Ford Mustang? No matter which car you've had your hopes on,...
Happening Now August 22, 2017

One surprising app that can save you from a roadside emergency

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or engine problems? If you don't have roadside assistance...
Happening Now August 18, 2017

One surprising app that can save you from a roadside emergency

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or engine problems? If you don't have roadside assistance...
Preparedness August 4, 2017

Ford recalls vehicles for defects and safety issues

Another safety recall has just been issued by Ford on some of its top-selling models. If you're driving this vehicle, you're at risk of...
Happening Now July 31, 2017

Instantly rechargeable batteries are about to change everything!

Whether it's your gadget, car or another battery-powered device, few things are worse than when you run out of power. No one likes to...
Happening Now June 5, 2017

3 sites to buy, maintain and sell your car

Your car gets you all over the place, whether it's to a soccer game, a business meeting, or an out-of-town vacation. Fortunately, you don't...
Cool Sites May 24, 2017

Smartphone signal blockers for cars reduce driver distraction

Our smartphones are practically attached to our palms. They're always nearby and ready, but in some places they shouldn't be. Distractions from these devices...
Cars Tech May 6, 2017

Is Apple CarPlay worth the money?

How often do you find yourself struggling with your phone while you're driving? It is not safe. That brief distraction can have dire consequences....
Tips May 3, 2017

BMW's new concept car is something you have to see

Wow! This is exciting! BMW has released some innovative vehicles in the past, but this concept car offers a look into the future. You...
Cars Tech April 30, 2017

103-year-old Grand Prix car saved with highly-unexpected approach

Your 103-year-old car develops a crack in the engine block. What to do? In the past, there weren't many options. Thankfully, now there are!...
Cars Tech March 30, 2017

The moment a flying sheet of ice destroys a driver's windshield and he doesn't even lose control

Wow! You have to see this! A sheet of ice is the last thing you might expect to see hurdling your way while on...
Happening Now March 28, 2017

Volvo's first electric car will cost less than $40,000

Have you been paying attention to all of the great technology making its way into cars lately? Some handy innovations include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which allow...
Cars Tech March 21, 2017

Leaked patent from Ford shows something strange hiding in the passenger's seat

Every year, cars include more and more surprises. But, I have to admit, what's described in this patent from Ford is something I didn't...
Cars Tech March 13, 2017

One huge mistake people make when renting cars

There are lots of great points to a rental car, but it could be hurting your privacy in a way you hadn't considered.
Tips March 7, 2017

1 million cars recalled due to fire risk!

A worldwide recall has just been issued on a million vehicles because they're a major fire hazard! Over 50 fires have already been reported,...
Happening Now March 6, 2017

New way to buy and sell used cars

Have you been thinking about buying a used car lately? Maybe it's time to get yourself a new set of wheels but aren't sure...
Apps March 5, 2017
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