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Robot: 'I seriously want to kill people'

For decades now, it's been science fiction. In 2015, it's becoming a reality. I'm talking about robots and artificial intelligence taking over the world....
Happening Now February 17, 2015

You can't beat this computer at poker

1994: The computer program Chinook takes the title of Man-Machine World Champion in checkers. 1997: IBM's Deep Blue defeats chess master Gary Kasparov. 2011:...
Happening Now January 9, 2015

Stephen Hawking warns against 'Terminator' doomsday scenario

Today in the tech world, the biggest threat we face comes from hackers. Tomorrow, the biggest threat might be scarier than just having your personal...
Happening Now December 3, 2014

Tech innovator Elon Musk's ominous warning: Creating Artificial Intelligence is 'summoning the demon'

Elon Musk is the real-life version of Tony Stark from the "Iron Man" movies. He's a billionaire inventor obsessed with bringing science fiction technology...
Happening Now October 27, 2014

Amazing robots turn creative: Read their stories here

It's happening: Machines are taking over more and more human jobs. But robots won't soon replace creative geniuses like writers, novelists and poets, right?...
Happening Now October 15, 2014

Watch and learn from the seduction-bot flirting with women on dating sites

A creative technologist in New York is trying to get New York singles to fall in love with a chat bot. Schuyler Hunt moved...
Happening Now August 31, 2014

Microsoft is building an artificial intelligence that can recognize everything

One of the biggest features touted behind Amazon's Fire Phone was the phone's camera-based identification. The technology is interesting, but Amazon is currently using...
Happening Now July 20, 2014

It's true: Google will overrun the world with killer robots

I'll be back. Did one internet user uncover Google's plans to build terminator cyborgs?
Happening Now July 5, 2014

A computer finally passed the Turing Test, convinced judges it was human

It's taken 64 years, but the Turing Test for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has finally been passed. "Eugene Goostman," an AI programmed to respond like...
Happening Now June 9, 2014