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New horoscope app powered by artificial intelligence gives you real-time insight

Co-Star is an advanced horoscope on a number of levels, including how in depth it goes. It takes into account the whole sky on...
Apps October 8, 2018

Uber is using AI like you would never have thought of

Have you ever used a ridesharing service, like Uber or Lyft? They can be quite convenient and affordable if you need to get somewhere...
Happening Now June 12, 2018

Time-traveler claiming to be from 2030 PASSES a lie detector test

Here’s your dose of weird news for the day. An alleged “time-traveler” from the year 2030 was reported to have passed a lie detector...
Happening Now February 18, 2018

New CSI-style algorithm sharpens blurry photos like never before

We have all watched scenes in sci-fi movies of images that start out at a low resolution and are enhanced beyond the original quality....
Happening Now November 3, 2017

Woman or machine? You won't believe how real this robot looks!

Do you remember the picture of the dress that had everyone on the internet baffled? People argued for weeks on whether it was white...
Happening Now October 1, 2017

3 times computers beat the humans they challenged

We may joke about welcoming our robot overlords, but computers are finding ways to steal the glory from humans, especially when it comes to...
Tips February 17, 2017

Why you'll love Google's new Quick, Draw game

If you're a fan of Pictionary, then you're going to love this new game from Google. Pick an object, then start to doodle and...
Happening Now November 23, 2016

Facebook's killing off the most-annoying posts

There's nothing worse on Facebook than sifting through loads of comments to your posts, especially when they're from people you don't know or the...
Happening Now June 4, 2016

Free Komando On Demand Podcast: This one change will make computers smarter than we are

Computers are being taught to learn reasons to understand us and our emotions. What was once science fiction may soon become an accessible, everyday...
Happening Now May 5, 2016

This hot robot says she wants to destroy humans

You have to see this robot! She's sexy, realistic looking, and she's no fan of humans.
Happening Now March 17, 2016
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