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Teen uses 3-D printing to build a new arm for his veteran dad

Every now and then, a cool new technology intersects with a noble cause in a way that can't help but make you feel warm...
Happening Now February 24, 2018

Are you scared yet? Boston Dynamics' creepy robot dogs can now open doors

While the initial robot dog waited, seemingly destined to not make it past the door, another robot dog, this one equipped with an extendable...
Happening Now February 14, 2018

What you can do to protect yourself against the chip security flaws

Just about every computer in the world has been affected by two massive computer chip security flaws. Both software and hardware vendors are now...
Happening Now January 7, 2018

You will be affected by this massive mistake! A second critical chip flaw revealed, affecting billions of computers, smartphones and other devices

Not one but two critical computer chip flaws have been found that compromise pretty much every computer in the world, including smartphones. This will...
Happening Now January 4, 2018


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