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Apple product launch 2017: What you can expect on September 12

Next Tuesday, Apple will make its big product announcement. The highly anticipated launch has been accompanied by a torrent of rumors and speculation. That’s...
Tips September 11, 2017

The surprising way the Red Sox stole Yankees' hand signals

The phrase "If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying" has been around for decades in the world of sports. And it's not going away...
Happening Now September 8, 2017

Apple's secret team working on diabetes treatment sensors

Biomedical engineers aren't who you'd expect to find working for Apple, but it turns out, a secret team has been quietly helping the tech...
Happening Now April 13, 2017

Apple flaws! Update your devices ASAP

Listen up! If you have an iPhone or iPad, you need to update the operating system. Critical flaws have been found that make iOS...
Happening Now January 24, 2017

Don't install this OS update, it's bricking Apple products

This OS update was intended to fix bugs, but it's causing more problems. Installing it is making these particular Apple devices useless. Apple has...
Happening Now December 14, 2016

Hacking fears lead to ban of Apple products

Can your Apple device be used for surveillance? The government in one country seems to think so and is banning certain devices from meetings....
Happening Now October 11, 2016

Get a discounted Apple Watch from health insurance companies

Have you had your eye on a smartwatch but can't justify the price tag? If you've been on the fence and waiting for a...
Happening Now September 29, 2016

How you can get an Apple Watch for $49

Have you been thinking about getting a new Apple Watch? Now’s your chance! One major retailer is cutting $250 off the price of an...
Happening Now June 20, 2016

Apple shocks everyone with next generation iPad and accessories

On March 15, Apple is launching a new iPad. But it's not the Air 3 that everyone has been expecting.
Happening Now February 26, 2016

Apple Watch is now $100 cheaper at this one store

Smartwatches are a hot item this year, and an even hotter Christmas gift. But, if you've been watching the market, you know that these...
Happening Now December 9, 2015
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