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Amazon's app can ID items using your device's camera

Have you ever needed to find more of a random part, like a washer, bolt or screw, but had no idea where to find...
Happening Now July 24, 2018

Wow! Officers used coin flip app to decide whether or not to make arrest

No one likes getting pulled over, though most of the time when it happens we understand the reason why. That doesn't make the experience...
Happening Now July 17, 2018

Is your phone secretly WATCHING you? New evidence says yes

Is your smartphone listening to your conversations? As we reported earlier, third-party apps may be taking advantage of voice triggers or wake words that...
Happening Now July 6, 2018

Google's new podcast app makes finding and listening to shows easy

These days anyone can have a podcast, which is both great and frustrating. It's great because we can now hear from various voices on...
Apps June 21, 2018

Facebook Messenger is changing and you'll hate it

Facebook Messenger has become one of the go-to forms of communication for people. Available for both the desktop version of Facebook as well as...
Happening Now June 20, 2018

Customize swipes in Gmail Android app

Google is finally taking a swipe at upgrading some of the outdated features in its Gmail Android app. One extremely handy new feature lets...
Tips June 12, 2018

New AR app lets you step into a portal to the NBA Finals

So you couldn't get a ticket to the NBA Finals and therefore will not get to see the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors...
Happening Now June 1, 2018

Get most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information

If only we could control the weather, life would be much, much easier. Until then, we will have to settle for trying to predict...
Apps May 23, 2018

Complete simple tasks and get free gift cards on your phone

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much you use your phone? They are capable of doing so much for us; it...
Downloads May 21, 2018

Meet Bank of America's new AI assistant, Erica

I'm always singing the praises of smartphones and the technology that comes with them. They are basically computers in the palm of your hand....
Happening Now May 19, 2018

Are you smarter than your friends?

Have you heard of "HQ," the app that has taken the world by storm? Released last summer for iOS and in December for Android,...
Apps May 6, 2018

If you take Uber, you must read this before you do it again

In many ways, ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have made life easier. Whether you had a night out that left you unable to drive,...
Happening Now May 2, 2018

Learn a new language by teaming up with native speakers

Many people were tasked with trying to learn a different language in high school or even college, though it's fair to question whether or...
Apps April 19, 2018

Language app makes learning as easy as a game

Regardless, the ability to speak multiple languages is a skill that can prove to be very helpful, especially if you like to travel. Unfortunately,...
Apps April 16, 2018

Try this new travel entertainment app designed by pilots

To pass the time while flying, one thing that can be done these days, at least on most flights, is keeping an eye on...
Apps April 12, 2018

App to make your everyday life interesting

No one is expected to know everything, and even when we do know, every now and then we'll draw a blank. If that story...
Apps March 10, 2018

Keyboard app caught collecting users’ data after 31M records leaked online

Have you downloaded a keyboard app lately? They are handy and make typing so much easier. But this popular app left 31 million people's...
Happening Now December 8, 2017

Now you can change the plot while watching your favorite shows

With the implementation of several technologies like streaming and smartphones, our options continue to expand on how we enjoy our favorite shows. There are...
Apps December 7, 2017

Here’s why I don’t trust Facebook Messenger for Kids

Facebook is a great way to connect with long-lost high school pals and family members who live hundreds of miles away. But what about...
Happening Now December 4, 2017

Secret airline passenger rights you don't know about

In today’s world of travel, there are so many ways to book flights, hotels and cars. There seems to be a website and app...
Happening Now November 21, 2017
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