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5 reasons you'll love Amazon's Alexa

If you haven't joined the universe of smart speakers, it's about time that you do. Amazon's smart speakers feature the popular voice assistant, “Alexa.”...
Tips June 21, 2018

How to listen to what Amazon Echo has ever recorded you saying

If you own an Amazon Echo, you probably know its strange secret. On the upside, this amazing technology puts instant information a voice command...
Columns May 27, 2018

Amazon's device deals you don't want to miss

Whew! We've made it through another long week and the weekend is almost upon us. Do you have anything fun planned? I'm sure you'll...
Happening Now April 13, 2018

Is Amazon’s Echo exposing your kids to explicit music?

Have you joined the trend like many others who are turning their place into a "smart home?" It's so common now it's opened up...
Happening Now February 27, 2018

Cool site lets you publish Alexa skills without coding

Alexa can be found on several devices, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and more. The device is programmed to respond to...
Cool Sites February 9, 2018

Amazon sales are soaring...but why?

You already know that Amazon dominates the world of online shopping. It's so popular that there are approximately 90 million Prime members in the...
Happening Now February 4, 2018

Amazon Prime: Everything you get with a membership that you didn’t know until now

You can find Alexa in several Amazon products such as the Echo, Dot and Tap, with around 20,000 available "skills." When combined with Amazon...
Tips February 3, 2018

Amazon deal will save you a bundle

Who doesn't love a great deal? This one is too good to resist. Amazon is bundling two of its most popular gadgets for serious...
Happening Now January 26, 2018

New Alexa skill could save your life

Have you entered the world of virtual assistants yet? Assistants like Alexa can be a great help with basic tasks like controlling your smart...
Happening Now January 15, 2018

Which is better, Amazon Echo or Google Home?

There comes a time when you have to make a big decision. When you call out to your home voice assistant, will you start...
Tips December 5, 2017

How to get Amazon Alexa on the cheap

When Amazon first launched its Alexa voice assistant in 2014, you had one option for bringing it into your home: the now-classic cylindrical Echo...
Tips September 1, 2017

Big news! Amazon Alexa family is expanding

This year alone, we've seen more Alexa products like the Echo Look and Echo Show roll out. But those aren't the only expansions Amazon...
Happening Now August 13, 2017

5 extremely useful Alexa skills to help you in the kitchen

Maybe you’ve been cooking all your life. Maybe you’re just learning and you want to expand your skillset. If you have an Amazon Alexa...
Tips July 18, 2017

List of Alexa commands you're not using but should be

Are you like millions of others who are turning their place into a smart home with Amazon Alexa? Instead of tapping an app to...
Tips July 7, 2017

Warning! Hackers are using your own smart technology to steal your banking details

Smarthome technology has revolutionized our day-to-day lives. Who doesn't love an internet connected refrigerator that can order milk when we're getting low? The bad...
Happening Now June 11, 2017

Update to Alexa privacy issue: Amazon releases audio files as evidence in murder case

Amazon Alexa is always waiting for your next command. But for every time Alexa has responded to the command you've given her, there are...
Happening Now April 13, 2017

Amazon Alexa commands you should be using

Are you like millions of others who are turning their place into a "smart home?" This, of course, means a home that is equipped with...
Cool Sites March 19, 2017

Take control of your home with Amazon Alexa and your voice

Amazon Alexa isn’t just about playing your music, or giving you the weather forecast. You can use it so that your voice becomes a...
Tips February 1, 2017

Ads coming to Amazon Alexa?

When you ask Amazon Echo a question, you expect honest and accurate results to be returned. But Amazon is experimenting with paid ads that...
Happening Now January 28, 2017

Amazon Echo hears everything you say

Since the Echo was first released in 2014, around 5.1 million units have been sold. And, if this past Christmas is any indicator, it...
Tips January 7, 2017
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