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Scam artists are everywhere, and are always looking for ways to con you out of your private data or money. International travelers are a...
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Whatever you do, do not buy this router!

Routers are a hot-selling item, especially around the holidays when many of them go on sale. But if you see this router on shelves...
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Samsung makes it easier to exchange Note 7 smartphones

This year has been rough for Samsung, with reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7's flooding the media. Making things worse, airlines banned these devices...
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This smart luggage will completely transform your traveling experience

Checking in luggage at the airport is a hassle. Now, there's smart luggage you can check in from your home.
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The high tech future of airport security scans

If you're flying this Christmas season, you're probably already dreading the hassle at the airport. The biggest annoyance, of course, is airport security. It's...
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Here's a new app frequent flyers might use

If you travel a lot for business, you can't help but notice that the one time you're not making connections with potential customers, colleagues...
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This airport now tracks your cellphone - and you'll probably like it

Generally speaking, we don't want anyone to track us on our smartphones. Not Google, not the NSA, not Facebook, not marketers and not advertisers. That's...
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Now you can complain about the TSA on Yelp

When you have a terrible experience dining out, you can let the world know using the review app Yelp. Yelp reviews make a big...
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A person with an ordinary laptop can hack an airport

You know all that expensive airport technology designed to keep us safe from terrorists and hijackers? It looks like our security needs its own...
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This airport's weather simulators will prepare you for wherever you're going

If you're planning a trip to my hometown of Phoenix, you might want to think twice. It just hit record high temperatures this past...
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