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For more than two decades, Kim Komando has been a trusted media source, reaching millions of consumers every week as a beacon for reliable, researched tech and digital advice.

Below are recommendations from Kim on sponsors that currently use or have previously used our media platforms:

T-Mobile US, Inc.


T-Mobile is more than just a great network at a great price. They’re committed to providing a better wireless experience for customers — including specially priced plans for people 55 and up.

If you switch now, you can get two lines of unlimited talk, text and data on their network for less than $30 each — that’s 50% savings compared to other major carriers. And now that Sprint is part of T-Mobile, their network is even bigger and better than before, covering 7,500 cities and towns with America’s largest 5G network.

So, why wait? If you’re 55 and up, start saving now with two lines at less than $30 each, including unlimited talk, text and data. Visit T-Mobile/55 or call 1-800-T-MOBILE (937-8997) today.

With AutoPay. Plus taxes and fees. Customers on this plan may notice speeds lower than other customers and further reduction if using over 50GB a month, due to data prioritization. Video typically streams at 480p. Capable device is required for 5G; coverage not available in some areas. Savings are versus AT&T and Verizon’s basic unlimited plans; plan benefits will vary.

Epson America, Inc.


Having your own personal printer is so convenient. You can print coupons, the kids’ homework and important documents for work, all from the comfort of your home. The downside? Expensive ink cartridges — unless you purchase an Epson EcoTank printer. They come with a ridiculous amount of ink right in the box — enough to print a whopping 6,000 color pages.

Check out Epson EcoTank printers at a Best Buy, OfficeMax or Office Depot near you, or shop online at

SimpliSafe, Inc.


Plan on traveling soon? Secure your home with a SimpliSafe Home Security System and leave the stress behind. Control your entire security system from the palm of your hand (or on your wrist) with the SimpliSafe App that works with Apple Watch. Get peace of mind today so you can enjoy your next trip.

Go to and get 50% off any SimpliSafe system plus a FREE HD security camera. Hurry — this offer expires Monday, November 30, 2020!



Big tech corporations are supposed to safely handle our personal online data, but now they’re getting into the political game. I don’t want to be any part of that and neither should you. That’s why I trust and use ExpressVPN. These big tech companies match your internet activity to your identity or location by using your public IP address, but with ExpressVPN, no one can see your IP address – no one.

Try ExpressVPN free for 30 days! Get three months free when you sign up for one year at

Dell Inc.


You need tech advice to help grow your small business so you call Samantha, the most tech-savvy person in your contacts — who also happens to be your 10-year-old niece. Don’t call Samantha. Instead, call on the pros. Dell Technologies makes growing your company possible with professional one-on-one business advisors and technical solutions to scale your business the right way.

See how Dell Technologies’ Advisors can help you and your business.

Abby Connect


Customer experience begins from that very first call someone makes to your business. Still using an answering machine? Eeek. Did you know 85% of callers who only reach voicemail will hang up and call the next place on their list? Don’t let that happen to you. Get your very own receptionist team from Abby Connect. They assign your company a team and then train them on how your business works. Abby Connect can start answering your calls today, improving your customers experience while saving you time and money.

For a limited time, get a 14-day free trial with no setup fees and no credit card needed.

CarShield, LLC


Computer systems in cars are the new normal. When something breaks, it could cost a fortune. And now is not the time for expensive repairs. That’s where CarShield comes in. You could save thousands on covered repairs. CarShield offers customizable and flexible payment plans with no long-term contracts — plus, you can choose your favorite mechanic or dealership to do the work. They also offer complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance and a rental car while yours is being fixed.

CarShield has helped over 1 million customers! Drive with confidence with America’s No. 1 auto protection company. Protect yourself from surprises and save thousands for a covered repair!

Call 800-CAR-6000 and mention the promo code “KIM,” or visit and use the code “KIM” to save 10%.

Life360 Inc.


Life360 is the first-ever family safety membership, with plans that include comprehensive safety services and live emergency support. Life360 protects and connects the people who matter most with smart tools and features for life at home, online and on the road — all in one convenient app for just a few bucks a month.

Protect your drivers and passengers with 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Individual Driver Reports and Crash Detection with Emergency Dispatch. Stay coordinated throughout the day, and make sure everyone is where they need to be with smart location notifications. And protect each family member online with comprehensive ID Theft Protection, including up to $1 million in coverage per person per year. Membership also includes Medical Assistance, Travel Support, Disaster Evacuation and much more.

Start protecting your family today! Visit



If you’ve always thought about getting a MyPillow, now’s the time! For a limited time, the premium queen MyPillow is only $29.98. That’s $40 off the regular price — an amazing deal. Plus, there’s no limit on this special offer, and kings are only $5 more. MyPillow won’t go flat, and you can wash and dry them as many times as you want. They’re made right here in the USA.

Buy now, and Mike will extend his 60-day money-back guarantee until March 1, 2021. Find deep discounts on all MyPillow products, including the Giza Dream Bed Sheets, the MyPillow Mattress Topper and MyPillow towel sets, too. They make great gifts!

Go to or call 800-238-7219 and mention promo code KIM.

Every once in a while, the computer you rely on can fail you. No, it’s not the hardware or the software — it’s malicious viruses or even ransomware that takes over your system. Imagine a hacker gaining access to your computer and denying you access to your data until you pay a hefty fee. Don’t leave your computer unprotected. Defend your data with IDrive.

Save a whopping 90% when you sign up at and use the promo code “Kim” at checkout. That’s less than $7 for your first year!

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