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Your Facebook feed is about to get loaded with requests

Facebook is making it much easier for you to raise money when you need it. Do you have mounting medical bills?

Facebook can help you pay them off. Do you need money for your granddaughter’s soccer cleats and uniform? Facebook can help.

We’ve been telling you about Facebook’s fundraising tools for more than a year. However, until now, Fundraisers was limited to nonprofit organizations that were seeking donations. Since March of this year, Facebook has been beta testing personal fundraising for medical expenses, emergencies, natural disasters, funerals and a few other categories.

Now, any adult can raise money with Facebook Personal Fundraisers. Facebook has also expanded the types of fundraising you can do. That includes raising money for sports equipment, community services and more.

Facebook posted this message yesterday: “When people mobilize around the causes they care about, a world of good can be done. That’s why we’re excited to announce that now anyone over 18 in the US can raise funds right from Facebook. From medical expenses to personal emergencies, you can start a fundraiser for yourself, friends and family, or even a sick pet.”

Bonus: Don’t miss this! Keep reading for two things you must know before you sign up for Facebook fundraising.

1. It will take Facebook about 24 hours to review your fundraising post – so, it may not be ideal if you’re raising money for an urgent situation

2. Facebook will take a cut: Facebook will take 6.9 percent plus $0.30 of each donation

Although that may sound like a big chunk of money going to Facebook, it’s less than rival GoFundMe charges. GoFundMe takes 7.9 percent plus $0.30 of each donation.

Click here for more information on how it works.

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