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You MUST see these two videos!

A couple weeks ago, the big chicken stunned the internet. A video of Merakli, a 3-foot tall, 16.5-pound Brahma rooster, received over a million views on YouTube, several thousand tweets, and attention from some major online news outlets.

But all good things must come to an end. Merakli’s 15 minutes of fame are over and there are some new animals in town that have taken his place.

A few days ago, a Japanese Twitter account uploaded a video of two cats ringing a bell to get treats. Most people are comparing it to Pavlov’s dog, the famous experiment where the dog is trained to drool when he hears a bell because he’s expecting food. But in this case, the cats are in control and people have joked that the human who is feeding them is the one who’s been trained to respond to the bell!

As you can see, the original tweet has hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets. The person who runs this account frequently posts videos of these cats doing other things, such as playing with guitar strings or just cuddling with each other. The link in the Twitter bio goes to an entire site full of more cat videos!

Several YouTubers have taken the original from Twitter and uploaded it to the social media site to take advantage of its popularity. There’s one that has over 83,000 views. But, that’s nothing compared to the amount of views that the “cockatoo loves elvis” video has. It was posted a couple of years ago and it has over 6 million views!

Even though it’s from 2015, it’s starting to get some more attention again since Philip Lewis, the front page editor for Huffington Post, recently posted the video to his twitter account. He tends to post a lot of viral videos and other current events.

This particular tweet about the cockatoos has over 94,000 retweets and over 150,000 likes. In the video, one bird shows off his rhythm as he bops and dances along to Elvis’s hit song “Don’t Be Cruel.” The other doesn’t seem too impressed!

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