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You can and should hide your Facebook and Twitter likes

While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have plenty of good qualities, one of the bad things that has come from them is the need people have for gratification. We badly want our posts and tweets to be liked by others, with each platform providing a way to see just how many people enjoyed our work.

For folks who get plenty of interaction, the validation that comes with rising numbers feels great. But for others, who don’t get nearly as much feedback, the lack of “likes” can lead to disappointment. Social media should be fun, which is why people have worked to create a way for that to not be an issue.

Granted no one can be forced to like your posts or tweets, but there are ways to make it so that whether anyone clicked the thumbs up or heart or not, you’d never know.

Zero likes or 100, the actual number does not matter

It’s not yet possible to turn off likes, but with some browser add-ons, they can be hidden. Called “Facebook Demetricator” and “Twitter Demetricator,” respectively, the add-ons tweak Facebook and Twitter code to keep likes out of the sites.

Created by Ben Grosser, the add-ons are meant to create an online world where people are not dependent on quantification and judging themselves by metrics.

Though you will not see the likes, anyone who comes across your page or tweets will. Everything is hidden from you, and you only.

On Facebook

With regards to Facebook, you will still see notifications for things like friend requests, messages and interaction, but no actual number for any of it will be attached. Instead, you will see a name or two of people who have interacted with your post, but then an “and others” next to it.

Some comments may still slip through, but otherwise what you end up with is a pretty clean and number-free page.

On Twitter

Once installed, Demetricator for Twitter will remove the number of replies, retweets and likes your tweets receive. There will be small stars to show that your tweet earned some sort of response, but the actual number will be hidden.

The add-ons for both Facebook and Twitter are available for pretty much any browser, though unfortunately there is not yet any version that will work with mobile devices. If you are interested in checking either out, you can find the Facebook Demetricator by clicking here and the Twitter Demetricator by clicking here.

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