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Yes, there’s really a ‘Bird Box Challenge’ and Netflix says cut it out

Social media challenges. Occasionally they’re meant for the greater good, like the ice bucket challenge from a few years back. But most are inexplicably dumb ideas to gain 15 minutes of internet fame.

And somehow, participants still have the nerve to look surprised when they wind up in a hospital bed. But the cycle always continues.

This time there’s a meme challenge based on the trendy new Netflix movie, “Bird Box,” because of course there is. Now, Netflix has even felt the need to chime in, pleading with people not to hurt themselves.

The ‘Bird Box Challenge’

If you haven’t seen the Sandra Bullock-led horror film that debuted on Netflix last month, I won’t spoil it for you. I’ll keep it vague by saying characters in the movie have to wear blindfolds so they don’t die.

So naturally, some fans came up with the idea to put on a blindfold, see what happens as they aimlessly wander around, then post it on social media. The idea caught on and the #BirdBoxChallenge was born. Here’s an example:


It looks like the child in the tweet above was just stunned, but there are quite a few other videos that appear to really injure the participants. One I’m not going to add here involves a man falling down a flight of stairs leading to a subway station. So Netflix has decided to step in with a warning.

It seemed like a good idea at the time

This is just the latest social media challenge that involves the risk of bodily harm, but previous trends reached spectacular heights of stupidity. Remember the Tide Pod Challenge where there were dozens of reported cases of teens eating laundry detergent?

Others not thinking ahead took part in the Fire Challenge a few years prior, dousing themselves with flammable liquids on camera and setting themselves on fire. Spoiler alert, it didn’t end well and some people suffered severe burns. Who would have thought?

While we’re at it, don’t eat spoonfuls of cinnamon, and it’s also not a good idea to get out of your moving car so you can dance in the road to “In My Feelings.” And now it looks like 2019 will be another banner year.

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