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Why you need to start using Facebook’s built-in camera more often

GIFs are taking over! Graphics Interchangeable Format is just a fancy word for those short video clips that loop over and over. They last for only a few seconds and they’re all over social media.

Here an example:


iPhones and Androids have GIF keyboards, entire websites haves massive GIF libraries, and there are apps that trim YouTube videos into GIFs. Soon, Facebook’s camera will be getting GIFs too.

Finally, a new Facebook camera feature that isn’t already on Snapchat! But doesn’t Facebook already have GIFs? Yes, Facebook does allow you to respond to a post with a GIF as your comment and send GIFs through Facebook Messenger. What’s different is the fact that you can turn yourself (photos and videos of you) into a GIF. Sort of like Boomerang.

It’s not available on everyone’s Facebook app yet but some users have begun to notice a change on their camera screen. Soon there will be two camera modes in Facebook, “Normal” and “GIF;” just swipe your screen right or left to access each mode. Once you create a GIF you like, you can share as a post to your wall, add it to your Facebook story or save it to your device as a video.

Before you try the feature, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook on your phone. It should be rolling out to every user over the next few months. Until the update reaches your device, try these fun Facebook camera filters and masks. Once you’re in the camera, swipe the screen up or down to switch to different overlays.

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