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Use Facebook snooze on annoying friends

Your Facebook feed sometimes gets inundated with posts that you might find annoying. It could be political in nature, or maybe a friend posting a lot of pictures that you could care less about.

In the past, many times your only option was to “unfriend” or “unfollow” them. But then when you run into them the next time, it’s awkward. They know what you did.

But Facebook has a new feature that will help.

Facebook’s Snooze button

Facebook has given us features that allowed us to control what we see. You could “hide” certain posts but it still didn’t stop new ones from popping up. Now with Snooze, you can take a little longer nap from specific people’s posts.

If you select it, Facebook will stop showing you posts from that user for a certain amount of time. And the person won’t even know you did it.

How to use Snooze

If you find a post that bothers you for whatever reason, you can “snooze” them with ease. To start, select the post in question. Then look for the three dots in the top right drop-down menu. Then you will see the Snooze option.

Then you can “snooze” someone for 30 days. This will tell Facebook to stop showing you posts for that time period. From there you can select why you “snoozed” the person if you would like.

Now, if you accidentally “snoozed” someone, have no fear. Look for the undo button under the flagged post.

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