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The million dollar mansion of your dreams can be all yours for $19 and a heartfelt letter

In this economy, how hard is it to sell a million-dollar mansion? Without a proper offer, your beloved home can be on the market for months (or even years) without the right buyer in sight.

But what will you do if you can no longer wait for that best offer to come along? Well, you take the matter into your hands, that is, and tap the powers of social media to have the house sell itself.

That’s exactly what this homeowner from Canada is hoping to accomplish in picking the rightful heir to her multimillion-dollar mansion. Do you think you have what it takes?

‘Write a Letter, Win a House’

Her million-dollar house wasn’t selling as quick as she hoped, so Alla Wagner, a homeowner from Alberta, Canada, came up with this great idea. Why not crowdfund the sale of her home and run a contest to determine the new owner?

For a small $25 Canadian dollar fee (around $19 in U.S dollars) and a well-crafted letter explaining why one deserves the house, a lucky (and eloquent) individual could win the multimillion-dollar home.

The 5,000-square-foot is located in rural Alberta, just 45-minutes away from Calgary. It is lavishly equipped with “three bedrooms, three full baths and two half baths, in addition to a wine cellar, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and a pond” according to the contest’s official Facebook page.


Wagner has lived in the house since it was built in 2011 and she cites her health as the main reason for the sale.

Speaking to CNN, she revealed that she hurt her back last year after a chair she just bought flipped while she sat on it. The injury was bad enough that she can no longer use the stairs.

“We had to list our house because of my poor health, which has been especially bad the last 6 months or so,” Wagner wrote on Facebook. “Being confined to only one (upper) floor is becoming unbearable and it is taking a toll on my work and life in too many ways.”

But instead of doing major renovations to accommodate her condition, she decided that it’s time to move, instead.

Image Credit: Alla Wagner/Facebook

Old inspirations

Ella Wagner wants to give her home away via a social media contest

As for her inspiration for the contest, Wagner cited a similar competition called “Write a 200-Word Essay, Win a Historic Inn in Maine” started in 2015 by the owner of the Center Lovell Inn.

In that contest, for a $125 entry fee. the participants were asked to write a 200-word essay and the winner went on to acquire the property.

That original concept was in turn inspired by the 1996 film “The Spitfire Grill” where the protagonists used a contest to sell a restaurant.

How to enter this contest

To enter the contest and get a chance to win the million-dollar home, simply write a short letter (maximum word count is 350) explaining why you deserve to win the house, then snail mail (or email) it to Wagner together with the $25 Canadian dollars (around $19 US) entry fee before April 5.

The entry fee can either be a check or a proof of electronic transfer for $25 Canadian dollars. Check out the contest’s Facebook page for details.

And the winner will be …

Once Wagner collects around 68,000 entries (and their corresponding entry fees) — enough to cover the house’s entire Can$1.7 million value — the letters will be posted on social media (likely Facebook) and will be voted on by the public to select the 500 finalists.

The letters of these 500 finalists will then be reviewed by an “independent panel of judges” and they will ultimately select the winner and announce the new owner of the home.

So far, since starting on Jan. 5, Wagner has collected around 5,000 entries. If the 68,000 entry target is not met by April 5, she said she will extend it for another three months.

If by that time, she’s nowhere near the target mark, she’ll cancel the contest and refund everyone’s money.

This is not a scam, is it?

Of course, with all sorts of schemes going around, we can’t help but ask “Could this be a scam?”

Well, so far, everything appears to check out and the contest looks legitimate. Wagner also stated that this contest is neither a lottery nor a promotion. Additionally, her immediate and distant family are not allowed to enter the contest.

Click here to read the contest’s terms and conditions.

How about you? Are you willing to join this contest and write the best letter you can ever write just to get the chance to score a multimillion-dollar home in Canada? Drop us comment!

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