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Security cam catches kid in stinky situation while hiding from police

Oh, kids these days. If they’re not video game-playing zombies they’re in filthy trashcans hiding from the cops.

A homeowner in Bend, Oregon, caught a low-speed cop chase on his home security camera. He found it so amusing he posted it online.

No surprise, the video went viral. And there’s quite a story behind this cat-and-mouse chase.

Security camera catches ‘crime’ in progress

Zach Pierce caught an unusual sight on his home security camera and posted it on YouTube and Reddit. The video starts with a kid racing onto his driveway and jumping into a trash bin.

About 30 seconds later, a police officer is seen walking by Pierce’s trash bins and appears to be looking for something — or someone. A solid 30 minutes later, the boy finally pops out of Pierce’s trash bin.

Is this kid one of America’s Most Wanted? Did he pull off a daring heist? For God’s sake, is he a threat to national security?

Commenting on Reddit, Pierce wrote that he “didn’t get a clear answer on what the kid did.” Pierce appeared more impressed by the fact that the kid had stayed in his trash bin, which he helpfully described as smelling of cat pee and “baby poop,” for 30 minutes.

Alas, Pierce wrote later, the little miscreant was caught by Johnny Law. It’s still not clear what the boy did to merit a slow-motion police foot chase.


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Where to place security cameras

Home security systems with cameras have been around for years. The cardinal rule when it comes to placing cameras outdoors is in the backyard, the front door, and the driveway.

We laugh now, but what if Pierce’s camera hadn’t caught a kid, but instead a much older and dangerous fugitive? There’s the value of placing a security camera facing the driveway. Increasingly, homeowners are learning about where to strategically place cameras inside their homes.

Here are some more tips:

  • Find the bird’s eye view inside your home that provides you coverage of the hallway to the bedrooms, main entrance, back entrance, and garage.
  • Make sure your number of cameras complements the size of your home. The bigger the home, the more cameras will be needed.
  • Cover key areas of your home. That includes kids’ rooms and areas where pricey items are kept.
  • Place the cameras as high as possible. There’s no point in having security cameras that a thief can pull down and steal.

As for our viral Billy the Kid, let’s hope he learned two important lessons: Don’t do anything that would make cops chase you and remember that the blue bins are for recyclables so they tend to be cleaner.

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