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Really Facebook? Shocking survey asks if site should help pedophiles prey on kids

Remember back in the day when Facebook was all the rage? How everyone wanted to be a part of the social networking site and that there was never a sense of disgust with it?

Yes, some thought there was some over-sharing, but that was each individual’s choice and at the end of the day, no one was forcing you to do any of it. Well, the days of Facebook’s innocence are long gone, though their latest misstep is one that is as inexcusable as it is puzzling.

Because while their efforts to poll people in hopes of making the site better are admirable, certain questions need not be asked and, perhaps more importantly, do not have multiple right answers.

Some questions do not need to be asked

As Facebook continues to grapple with its role in spreading fake news and cultivating a toxic online environment, it has taken steps to try and combat the very things that have turned people away from the site. One such way they have tried to improve is by seeking our input by way of polls. Most of the time, the questions aren’t all that notable, and it’s possible you’ve never even bothered to vote in one.

But as one Facebook user learned, not every poll question should be answered. In fact, not every poll question should have to be answered because the answer is obvious.

Like, for instance, whether or not pedophilia should be allowed on the platform. Yes, that is exactly what happened.

Facebook user Jonathan Haynes tweeted that the survey went to him, and he was shocked at not only the question, but the answers he had to choose from.

Facebook then asked how it should handle the topic, with answers ranging from Facebook deciding the rules on its own to having external experts or the site’s users make the call.

Aside from the fact that this very topic is one people would rather not even have to think about, certain things should just never have to be asked. There is only one right answer, so it is understandable that Haynes — or anyone else who may have received the survey, actually — would be upset and dismayed.

Made aware of the issue, Guy Rosen, who is the VP of Product for Facebook, responded.

Ya think?

While Rosen’s response is reasonable, it is plenty fair to wonder how this happened in the first place. No doubt Facebook is busy polling people on a variety of topics, some of which may even be a bit controversial. But this one went to an entirely different level, one that the site should have never even come close to approaching.

In other creepy Facebook news

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