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Komando Day is here! Ask Kim your digital question

You may have heard that we recently revamped Kim’s Club and launched the new and improved Komando Community. It has so many great features that members can enjoy and use that we can’t wait to share them with you.

One of these great features is the Komando Tech Forum. That’s why we are going to have a special Komando Day event today, Monday, Sept. 23, where Kim Komando will answer all digital-related questions posted to the Forum. Click or tap here to post your question now!

Not a member yet? Now’s your chance to join and see how it works. All new members will receive a for a 2-week free trial, no coupon code necessary. Click or tap here to create a profile now.

Once you’re a part of the Komando Community, you can ask questions and find answers to many tech-related topics.

Here’s an example of a question that was posted on the Forum:

“I don’t want Netflix. Are there any other reasons to connect my new smart TV to the internet? What about hacking risks?”

Click here to see Kim’s answer as well as other Komando Community members.

We don’t want you to miss out on getting your digital questions answered so join our Fraud and Security Alerts email list to get a reminder before the event. It’s also a great way for you to stay up-to-date and safe.

Here’s the fine print: Only questions posted on Sept. 23 qualify for the Komando Day event. All questions will be answered by Kim Komando and the Komando team within seven days of your post. Only digital-related questions will receive an answer, so please refrain from asking personal questions. If you use promo code KOMANDODAY to join Komando Community you can cancel anytime during business hours before the 14th day and your card will not be charged. If you choose to cancel your Pro membership before your Komando Community trial period ends, you will still be able to see your question and the answer(s), as the forums will remain public, but you will not be able to add more comments.

Don’t want to wait? You can send Kim your questions anytime by clicking here. App background

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